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tv   FOX News Special  FOX News  March 22, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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a desire for a fresh face as "the boston globe" said today. i think if elizabeth warren gets in, it's a big if she wins the race. >> thank you for joining me, i'm harris faulkner. a world record car collection. >> he just kept going. he never stopped. >> his goal was to have one of every car ever made. >> a maverick driven to leave a mark. >> he went to a wrecking yard auction bought the whole wrecking yard. >> his family plans to carry out his plan. >> there was a thought of dread relief, enthusiasm. >> love it. feel the hair throwing. the top down. >> but can they fulfill the patriarch's dieing wish? >> none of us wanted to be the one who said we split all this stuff up. you don't want that car oil on your hands.
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i'm jamie colby and today i'm driving outside tacoma, washington on my way to meet the heirs of a man who started with nothing built an empire, left his heirs enormous wealth but also an overwhelming task. >> i'm doug lemay. my father harold lemay passed away in 2000 at the age of 81 and left us with a world record collection that has become a full-time job. >> doug has invited me to the family house where his father lived for more than two decades where he now lives and works. >> hey, doug. >> hi, jamie. glad you could come. >> i'm so happy to be here but i can't figure one thing out. >> what's that? >> is this a house or a garage? >> well, it's a five bedroom house with a 300 car garage. >> 300 cars? >> yeah. >> good thing i have the whole
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day today. as doug shows me around it's easy to see this isn't just a home but a reflection of his father's passion for the automobile. >> i mean, doug, i've got to be honest. i've been to car shows that haven't had this many cars. >> dad did it for a long time. >> everywhere you look there's a collector car. what's your dream ride? a 1930 cadillac 452 convertible? a 1922 astro daimler? there are even rooms filled with the same model or manufacturer. >> these are all packards? >> yes. >> my god, there's so many of them. >> am i allowed to touch? >> yeah. have a seat if you would like. >> oh, my goodness. look at the steering wheel. i think it has my name written all over. so many do. harold lemay's fascination with
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cars started even before he could reach the peddle. nancy lemay is harold's widow. >> his mother said from the time he was born he loved the cars. he loved anything with wheels. >> harold was born in 1919 to marie lemay. she was struggling to make a living and care for three young children. when harold is just 3, marie feels she has no choice but to place harold in the custody of friends who can better take care of him. when the couple comes to pick up harold they're driving a 1914 baby grand chevy. >> harold was a little apprehensive. he had not met them before. >> he was only 3. >> he was only 3. as he described, the portly man said harold, you need to sit on my lap and you can drive the car home. >> little harold puts his hands on the wheel of that chevy and
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instantly cops a lifelong love affair with the automobile. after driving a truck in world war ii harold returns home and builds up a garbage and scrap collecting business. it may not be glamorous but trash proves very profitable. >> how successful was his business? >> very successful. >> lemay enterprises eventually grows to become the tenth largest trash removal company in america with annual revenues topping $100 million. in 1963 harold marries nancy. a few years later he has another life-changing moment. >> a friend of his was in the malte club. he thought that that would be just the thing for him to get into. >> once he joins the club a light bulb goes off. harold wants to start collecting classic cars. he begins with american mostly chevys and fords everyday cars and trucks. >> how did he find these cars? >> well, he would find most of
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them himself. >> by the 1970s harold's hobby really revs up. as his grandson eric says so does his wish list and search grid. >> it didn't matter where in the country the car was he'd say, do you want to go for a drive? the next thing you'd know you were crossing from oregon into california. >> as his passion grows he buys nearly any car he came across. >> grandpa never called himself a car collector, he was a car saver. he saved cars. >> harold couldn't stand to see a car crushed, just break harold's heart. >> he went to a wrecking auction. he bought the whole yard. >> his car collection totaled into the thousands. >> he kept going. he never stopped. >> you never said to him honey, enough already? we could use that money for a vacation? >> no but whenever we did go on
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vacation there was always a car somewhere in the route. >> as harold's fleet expands he runs out of room in his 300 car garage so he snatches up over 50 properties to stockpile his collection. >> he'd buy houses so that he could use the garage you know, then he'd rent the house, not the garage. >> he even buys this boarding school called merrymount. >> what did you talk to harold about the collection when he passed? >> he never thought about passing at all. this was not on his agenda. >> but the question is on his heirs agenda. they're thinking about the huge challenge rumbling towards them once harold is gone. >> you've got to decide at some point while you're alive, what are you going to do with the stuff? that's a very confrontational thing. you know it's kind of a burden on everybody else and you've got
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to have a plan. >> up next, harold makes that plan, plus the one car he really wants but never gets. >> and now our "strange inheritance" quiz question. what was the first white house car? was it an 1899 packard for mckinley, a 1909 white steamer for taft, a 1919 pierce arrow for wilson or a 1929 cadillac for hoover? the answer when we return. ou have something for pain? i have bayer aspirin. i'm not ving a heart attack, it's my back. i mean bayer back & body. it works great for pain. bayer back & body provides effective relief for your tough pain. better? yeah...thanks for the tip!
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♪ >> so what was so what was the first official white house car? it's b, the 1909 white steamer. that year congress passed legislation on behalf of william howard taft for official white house automobiles. for nearly four decades businessman harold lemay amasses a collection of classic cars in tacoma, washington, that includes at least 3,000 vehicles. even he doesn't know the exact number. but there is one car he misses out on says his wife nancy. >> he always wishes he had gotten a tucker. >> preston tucker was an american inventor and entrepreneur who designed the tucker sedan in 1948. conceived as the car of the future. >> it was so ahead of its time. it's so sleek. it has awesome lines. >> but sales were doomed after
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tucker was investigated for stock fraud and only 51 cars were made before his chicago km folded. with or without a tucker, lemay's vintage car collection is named world largest in the 1998 guinness book of world records. it includes true classics such as a 1910 roadster, 1930 dusenberg and 1936 auburn. harold now in his late 70s starts to worry about what will become of his beloved autos when he's gone. charlie maxwell was a friend of his for 30 years. >> what did harold want to happen to the collection? >> he wanted to see his collection preserved. he felt really really bad when we would go to car auctions and he would see somebody's life collection being dispersed to the four corners of the world. >> easy for harold to feel that
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way. it isn't he but his heirs, doug and eric, who will have the enormous burden of housing and maintaining all these cars. >> did he think about what i had a maszed and what his family would face as he got older? >> he had made the decision, with my grandmother, that they were going to create a museum. >> that is right a museum just for harold's cars. the family starts by requesting land from the city of tacoma. before the officials will give the property they want a donation of 300 cars to get it going. >> 10% of the collection is that hard for him? >> it almost killed him. he had to document and put his signature on saying that he wasn't going to own this stuff at some point. i can remember his hand shaking. and he took a deep breath. handed me the piece of paper and stormed off back towards home.
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>> on november 4th 2000, after a massive heart attack, harold died at the age of 81. his heirs inherit his grand car collection and even grander dream of a museum to house it. >> i think there was a feeling of dread relief, excitement, enthusiasm. >> two questions arise. how many cars are there and what are they worth? the family calls in larry batten owner of the auto appraisal group in charlottesville virginia. >> it was massive. the cars were located in 53 different locations. the filing system was a 32 gallon green trash bag because he never had any intentions of selling or marketing a vehicle. we worked 12 hours a day seven days a week. >> over the six-month appraisal the team uncovered countless
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classic cars only harold knew he had. >> we would open the door that hadn't been opened in decades. it would be full of cars that had been there for years. covered with cottonwood flower like snow on the inside of the building. and there were bumblebee fords, convertibles, pierce arrows, and cars that were so unique. >> in all, larry and his team locate, number and value 2973 cars, not including the countless rusted half wrecked hulk. >> i believe his goal was to have one of every car ever made. >> larry's not allowed to say what the whole collection is worth, but independent estimates peg it at $100 million at the time of harold's death. with the inventory complete, the family tries to realize harold's dream of a car museum but starts hitting some roadblocks. >> creating a museum is like
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watching sausage get made. it's really ugly and hard. >> and they're not the only ones with car trouble. >> oh come on. get me a car that works. >> that's next. here's another quiz question. which classic american sports car came first is it the chevy corvette, ford thunder bird, or dodge charger? the answer when we return.
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s so which classic american sports car came first? it's a, the chevy corvette. from its introduction in 1953 chevy has produced over 1 point be point 5 million of them. -- 1.5 million of them. in the early 2000s harold
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lemay's family is struggling to honor his dieing wish. the creation of a museum where his entire 3,000 car collection can be on display. one that will be featured, the black beauty that sparked his classic car obsession, henry ford's model t. i meet with harold's grandson eric and his son mike nor afor a driving lesson. step one, hand crank the car to start it. >> i don't know what do you think? >> i think you're up for it. >> you do? >> give it a good crank. not quite. >> ouch. wait. is this a trick? oh come on. get this me a get me a car that works. yeah! >> all right. there you go. >> right on. the model t is considered the first affordable automobile, but
5:20 pm
it's not particularly easy to drive. it has three peddles, but the brake is on the right. what's it doing there? >> you did clear the streets today? >> and the sidewalks. >> as we scoot around it's easy to see why harold fell in love with this classic. >> i love it. feel the hair blowing, the top down. >> there's a big tree. >> a tree back there. >> big tree. brake, brake, brake. brake. oh that's forward. wait. brake. brake. oh yeah, that thing on the right. >> throttle up? >> yeah. >> oh, my gosh. perfect. not a scratch. but a collision is in store for the lemay family as it tries to get its museum into drive. >> it needed a building, fundraising, all the next steps. >> the family donates 600 cars to the project and $15 million, too, but it's not enough so they hire a fund-raiser who tells
5:21 pm
them they have to court corporate sponsors for more big bucks. that will mean the lemays are told they'll have to sacrifice their control and vision of the museum. the family agrees but soon find themselves just 2 on a board of around 30. >> on the one hand you want to see the legacy and the story of those cars preserved. on the other hand, you really can't control once it's in a museum's hands. >> exactly. >> the museum adds cars from other collections to attract national attention, then fundraising runs tight. the board tells the family they don't have the budget to preserve arld the harold's cars. many of the ones he donated are redundant. they decide on a fate that harold lemay would have never considered. to sell some of the cars. >> if you could have controlled the situation would you have asked them to sell other cars? >> i don't sell many cars.
5:22 pm
>> in fact, harold had only sold three collector cars in his lifetime. family members are dismayed. >> none of us wanted to be the ones who said we split all the stuff up. you don't want that car oil on your hands. >> if you really didn't want them. why did you ask for them? because it made me feel like that's the reason they wanted them, to sell them. >> the museum auctions off 145 of harold's donated autos. their estimated value well into the millions. his 1940 packard convertible victoria sells for 113k while his 1936 rolls royce goes for more than 65 grand. they do their part to help the museum keep going, but when the sleek looking building finally opens in 2012 its name's been changed from the harold e.lemay museum to lemay's american car
5:23 pm
museum. that shifts the focus from harold other donors as well. that's discouraging for harold's heirs because his wish was a museum devoted to his collection. the family believes there's still a chance to keep his vision alive. >> eric what is this place? >> would you believe a second museum just minutes down the road from the first? that's next. new aleve pm the only one to combine a safe sleep aid plus the 12 hour strength of aleve. it tastes better when you grow it. it tastes even better when you share it. it's not hard, it's doable. it's growable. get going with gro-ables. miracle-gro. life starts here.
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5:27 pm
purchased in the mid 1990s. >> eric, what is this place? >> this is the other part of the equation that was our family learning how to save the world's largest car collection. this is merrymount. it's an event center, museum. >> your museum? >> yeah. >> why two? >> we wanted another museum that was more about the lemay family and our tastes in collecting. we may be only six miles apart but we're very different cult materially from each other. >> the lemay family considers the merrymount the little brother of the tacoma museum. it's the dirty fingernails version that celebrates harold's cars and nobody els. the museum depends on the hard work of harold loyalists. everyone here from the tour guides to car repair men to volunteer. >> are you in the black or the
5:28 pm
red on a car color? >> at some point, it's not that far away this will be a self-sustaining business. it really looks like it's going to be healthy for a long, long time. >> before i leave there's one last car eric tells me i need to see. >> 1948 tucker. >> tucker. harold wanted a tucker. i thought he never got a tucker. he did not buy that. my grandmother bought it. a group of our family went to an auction and grandma bat the tucker that he couldn't have before he passed away. >> unbelievable but he left and you knew it was that important to have. >> i knew it was that important. >> what would harold say? >> he'd love it. >> i think if grampa were to look at how hard we've tried to do what he was hoping we'd do i think he'd be really proud of it. it took a whole community.
5:29 pm
it took a lot of volunteers. it took a family that never got off track with each other. that's his legacy basically. >> one last harold lemay story. back in the '80s at a garbage convention in chicago he caught wind of a car for sale, a 1914 baby grand chevy. the same model he first toold around in as a 3-year-old that day he said good-bye to his mom. well, harold bought it on the spot and he loaded it into the back of his fancy garbage truck that he purchased at that trade show. he and nancy hauled that chevy all the way back to tacoma and there it sits to this day. he never let it go. i'm jamie colby. thanks so much for watching "strange inheritance," and remember, you can't take it with
5:30 pm
you. do you have a strange inheritance story you'd like to share with us? we'd love to hear it. send me an e-mail or go to our website, you've watched strange inheritance. now let's unpack it. i'm melissa francis and this is "strange inheritance" unpacked for fans dying to know more like me. we're going to show you never before seen outtakes. even more pictures of those amazing cars. so you know the story a really rich garbage mogul leaves his kids 3,000 yes, 3,000 classic cars. and the family must decide what to do with them. this scene though says it all. >> there were bumblebee fords convertible, pierce arrows, and cars that were so unique. i believe his goal was to have one of every car ever made.
5:31 pm
>> wow. that is a lofty goal. he came pretty kless to having all of those cars. let's bring in the classic car lover, adam shapiro. tech and trends reporter bret larsson and blogger rene styles. >> adam. i want to start with you. >> i'm envy yus. >> you live in new york where would you find it. >> alternate side parking. >> i'll be back next week. >> a lot of help. i mean, just an amazing car collection. >> amazing car collection. here's the deal. this figure of 100 million it could be more it could be less. remember, there are certain cars one ferrari is already sold not just from this collection. you have that one car that really skews the value. a lot of those cars are worth a couple thousand bucks. there are some cars that are six, seven figure cars? >> yeah.
5:32 pm
if you bought me the ferrari from magnum p.i. i would -- >> that's only a 308. >> i was just out cared. what did you think? >> first of all, when the son said i think his goal was to buy or own one of every car i was like really? because i can't even do that math. my goal is to have one of every jimmy chu ever made. i don't think my husband would follow me on that journey. >> the whole story about the tucker. >> yeah. >> when he's unfortunately passed away. that was a hard car to '48 tucker what a way to get it. >> you were crying. i saw you. >> i thought that was impressive. to buy a tucker, a couple have
5:33 pm
come up for auction. incredible. they brought a garbage truck to haul the other car back home. this is what you have to do. contingency plan. >> do you call aaa and be like hey -- >> all right. inheriting a classic car sounds pretty cool. inherlting 3,000 that sounds like a never before clip. >> the cars were kind of like a government bother. they weren't exactly something that were at the top of his mind that were important to actually have paperwork done. sometimes we'd get a bill of sale and no title or you get a title and no bill of sale. this would all collect over the course of the year. for several summers my job was to look at all the bills of sales of all the titles and do title transfers because he actually owned them legally. that was interesting because then you had to figure out where
5:34 pm
grabbed pa put the car after he bought it. it was a full job for two months, two and a half months for me when i was like 12 13 years old to match paperwork to cars. >> i love it. >> inheritance craze. >> wow. that is amazing to me. i mean, i look down that aisle and to me it's a headache. >> yes. >> i'm an organized person. in my closet the shoes are lined up. i see these cars jammed next to each other. i get an anxiety attack. it's totally overwhelming. he seems like a hoarder a very expensive hoarder. >> yeah. >> well the times when she said we would go out and buy the whole lot. they would go somewhere and it was almost like you go to a flea market and buy everything that was for sale. that aspect does feel like -- >> obsessive/compulsive. were the cars talking to you?
5:35 pm
were they like, please help us. >> no. >> it was like he didn't want them to get scrapped but he wanted them to stay in their condition. >> what i think is amazing is you hear it through every time they. >> i think they loved mr. lemay. the cars, i think they admire the cars. that's a lot of burden for the people you love. >> clearly that's a lot of work. the family has a ton of money. still did it strike you as -- any of you as strange that they didn't push to sell the cars any of them, one individual along the way? >> the son even said who wants to have that car oil on their hands? i don't want to be the one who broke up that collection. i think that speaks to a much larger issue which is how much they really loved him and they loved him and his passion. >> it struck me there was a lot of love for the family and they had clearly done something right
5:36 pm
because no one seemed urgent on let's get rid of the cars. there was still this passion with the museum, we're going to open our own. >> right. >> it's like no we want to do right by this guy. this was his dream and collection. >> so true. >> it felt like he had pleased many people. >> i thought it was funny when they said, what plans had he made for, you know, after his death and his wife said, i don't think he ever thought he was going to die. when you do some research you find out that a lot of people in the country, 55%, don't have a a will or some kind of plan for when they do die. >> that is amazing. >> luckily for him they felt that passion. they felt like they needed to do this for him because otherwise who knows. >> you remember in that scene where he had to sign over some of the cars to the foundation. and the grandson i think it is is talking about how difficult that is for him. >> yeah. >> how angry he was doing it.
5:37 pm
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win of the clear take aways from this "strange inheritance" story was for the lemay family to do the most they could with the father's collection but it wasn't easy. >> it was a massive operation. the cars were located in 53 different locations. his filing system was a 32 gallon green trash bag because he never had any intention of selling or marketing a vehicle. we worked 12 hours a day seven days a week. we would open a door that hadn't been open in decades. it would be full of cars that had been there for years covered with cottonwood flour, like snow on the inside of a building. rchltsz >> wow. let's grab the remote and bring in larry batton. tell me your first thoughts on the day when you went in and you saw the cars. what did you think? >> well, you know i went out first to see how large this job
5:41 pm
would be. obviously they had no inventory and they just took me from one building to another building to see if i felt comfortable with appraising evaluating, conditioning, identifying what these cars were. it wasn't like a museum where you would see a sign. we had to actually lo car, identify it and see, you know, if it was original or if it was a custom car. >> so what was going through your mind as you went down, you know, aisle after aisle of car. what was going through your mind? >> well, you know, i said does this ever end? you know, i mean it kept -- i had been in the car business for, you know, 25 years at that time and i had seen a lot of cars and i've been to a lot of displays. i studied cars all my life and it was just amazing at every
5:42 pm
time i thought it, he doesn't have any mercedes. there's a billing folder for mercedes he doesn't have rolls royces? and it went on and on and on. i thought how long did it take to get these cars and where did he find them at? harold, people knew harold because he was at any car he could go to. he was always on the hunt. that's the fun thing about finding cars, it's the hunt. after you get the car, it's not quite the same sometimes. it's that hunt. >> i know. that's how i feel about a handbag. i know exactly what you're saying. >> i'm just curious. there are a lot of cars that are in other collections. did you come across anything that was truly uniquely rare that you know, had been lots of time and here it was like an l car or anything that was so rare that penal hat nt seen it in years and years?
5:43 pm
>> he had lots of those rare cars, rickenbacker, '80. >> the rolls royce. >> right. right. great story. with every car there's always a story. now i've appraised hundreds of thousands of cars in my lifetime. it's always the story sometimes that goes along with the car. why did you want it. and i think harold he knew cars and he knew what was spoegsal. one car had a jet engine in it built by a bowing engineer. how many people have a jet engine car? >> i'm not allowed to say. >> right. >> did you feel at some point we're never going to get this done? we're never going to get all the way through? >> did it seem insurmountable? >> no, i didn't think i would never get to the end. i was sort of let down. every year they would call and say, come get the cars. i said, what do you mean?
5:44 pm
come get the cars. >> he would lease the building for ten years and then close the door and never come back. >> you know we've been talking about mrs. lemay a lot and putting up with this. you have the secret on this. >> when harold would go to buy a car, he'd buy a doll for nancy because she collected dolls. one of the things zsh-- one of the things, not only did i have the privilege of appraising all the cars the trucks the transz every time -- just the walls and the sides. can you redo the dolls? i really don't look like a doll guy and i tonight know anything about dolls except for they're pretty and they're nice and everything. she had a wonderful display of dolls. >> thank you so much for coming on. we really appreciate it. you answered so many questions for us. thank you. >> the kids wanted to keep their
5:45 pm
father's collection intact but that got complicated. more on the grueling museums but first our "unpacked" quiz question. which one of these films did not feature the thunder bird? american graffiti, die another day grease, or d, thelma and louise. i bet adam knows? >> i do. >> the answer after the break.
5:46 pm
in a work, work, work world... take time for sunday. just know that your truck... has a little thing for monday.
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welcome back. well before the break we asked you which of these films did not feature the classic ford thunder bird. was it a, american graffiti b, die another day, c, grease, or d, thelma and louise. you guys have been cheating talking about this all during the break.
5:49 pm
>> suzanne somers is driving a thunder bird in american graffiti, the one with the round window in the back. >> isn't that what thelma and louise drive off the cliff in? >> i believe so. >> that leaves either grease or die another day. >> no, it's grease. >> all right. the answer is c, grease. >> come on. >> yes. >> oh, come on. >> the car featured in the song greased light things was a 1958 ford deluxe. >> it was like chitty chitty bang bang. >> let's bring in executive producer of "strange inheritance." do you get the feeling that the family was disappointed how things went with the first museum? let's look at the clip. >> i think he had realized he had done something by the time he was in his 70s that nobody
5:50 pm
was ever going to do again, that nobody had ever done and that's the sheer number and variety and, i think it was he was a really smart guy who realized nobody else was going to do this. we can't split it up. we can't sell it because this is a one-time one shot only deal. that is what motivated him. he was really clear. he was all for the museum as long as it had his name on it. that was the big thing. i think it was part interest in preserving history, i think it was part ego, and i think it was part of the urging of his family. none of us wanted to be the ones who said we split all of this stuff up. i mean, that is the other thing. you don't want that car oil on your hands. >> jonathan you got more
5:51 pm
insight on that? >> the lemay family was in a tough spot. they wanted so badly as you can see to fulfill harold's wish. but it ran away from them in a second. the museum is still called lemay, america's car museum, so there's still a connection to it. once it became so corporate i think its mission started to change. it was no longer what they wanted to call it. >> were they happy then with the outcome the fact that they had the two museums. are they happy now? >> they absolutely are. i think they have been able to feel that they did right by harold. >> you work on this series so often all of these different cases. how often is it the family is so committed to honoring the parents of the grandparent's legacy over the money? >> it is not about the money. the lemay's had however much
5:52 pm
money they had many millions. we do other shows of families who had nowhere near the dedication and passion. >> thank you for joining us. appreciate it. >> more from cutting room floor. why it took 15 years to get harold's records in the guinness book of world records. it is a story you don't want to miss. ave something for pain? i have bayer aspirin. i'm not having a heart attack, it's my back. i mean bayer back & body. it works great for pain. bayer back & body provides effective relief for your tough pain. better? yeah...thanks for the tip!
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>> the double-decker bus was full of all the relatives and this was act >> he's on the roll up. the procession was so long the police couldn't keep it together. then garbage companies local ones had garbage trucks. local toe trucks. it was a huge procession a huge funeral probably 1500 people. he would have loved it. he would have waved it and said hey. >> welcome to "strange inheritance." we bring you an unbelievable outtake. here it is literally. >> i was the one who came up with the idea of trying to apply
5:56 pm
for the guinness book of world records. i sent a letter to england and said my grandpa has got at the time about 1500 cars. this was back in 1984. they sent back a letter and said that's ridiculous. nobody has that many cars. the only one they knew of was william her raw in reno ne neve he has 800 cars or something like that. i was a teenager. i thought that's silly. it is way bigger. i sent back another letter. i said, well we have got at least twice that many. >> they sent back another letter, it is absurd. prove it. i didn't know how to prove it. i just kind of forgot about it for a period of time. then i got to college i sent them another letter, they said
5:57 pm
here's exactly what you need to do to prove and beat the record. we got them all assembled that's the story of how we got into the guinness book. >> you could be out there photographing them and sending it. >> it was easier if they were going tore "ripley's believe it or not". way to go. >> now it is time to pack it in with the final thoughts from the panel. you could inherit one car for yourself to drive. >> i want a bentley because i think it is very regal very -- i am royalty if you roll up in that. >> that is very cardian of you.
5:58 pm
>> -- kardashian of you. >> you can't drive that. >> i could be a kardashian if you drive it. >> so i asked my son what my dream car would be. he's like into cars. he's like what would youdo you like? do you want something sleek? i want something that had old food in it in the back. he came up with a porsche 918 for me. >> that's a good car. >> i look really good in that. >> i should have that car. >> to me like i said a car is a car but now i am rethinking this whole part of the car thing. i like that so much i. going to get it.
5:59 pm
>> no one wants a fee -- fiat. >> my pick was actually a mint green vespa. >> vespa? >> my first transportation was a honda spree scooter. >> you win. >> that's what we have for you. >> we will see you next time on "strange inheritance" without adam.
6:00 pm
on december 24 >> on december 24th, 2002 shortly after 5:00 p.m. we heard the devastating words that forever changed my life. laci is missing. i knew in my heart something terrible has happened to my daughter and my grandson. my world collapsed around me. >> of the more than 16,000 homicides that year 2002 none captivates the nation like the outrageous murder of sharon roach's pregnant daughter laci peters.


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